ARMYTRIX is synonymous with the philosophy of equipping the vehicle with the most advanced exhaust system technology that will challenge everything you thought you knew about performance driving

By following the belief of achieving greater power, superior sound and true versatility, we build supreme
valvetronic exhaust systems, all fostered by a culture of perseverance and innovation, ARMYTRIX not only created exhausts but creates experiments

By combining the knowledge of our German and Japanese engineers, ARMYTRIX is the beacon of revolutionary design and masterful manufacturing, we are undoubtedly the producers of high performance exhaust systems
in the automotive aftermarket industry today

We appreciate the fact that every performance vehicle is a sophisticated machine to satisfy our desire to test
the limits, therefore, replacement parts must be able to take power and push beyond the imaginable

Our passion, expertise and quality are evident in the design and manufacture of T304 aeronautical titanium and stainless steel systems, the systems are tested repeatedly and the defects eliminated to allow you to achieve the absolute best and to make the exhaust as best as possible

ARMYTRIX exhausts are designed according to the specifications of each vehicle and handcrafted to ensure a perfect fit we scan in 3D the Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche and Volkswagen
to create systems with maximum compatibility

Our signature exhaust acoustics are attributed to the material used and the very intricate internal designs from a low purr to a loud sound, the notes are destined to transform any vehicle to a center of attention



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